MAEZEND Music Lab - Tentacles

Released 20 July 2024




[01]  Crooked  [03:56]

[02]  Ink  [04:36]

[03]  Mind Open  [04:12]

[04]  Bird On Fire  [02:53]

[05]  Prowl  [02:04]

[06]  Woke  [03:01]

[07]  I Don't Like You Anymore  [05:32]

[08]  Against The Current  [04:21]

[09]  Waste It  [04:58]


Thank you for your purchase of Tentacles, the debut album from MAEZEND Music Lab! We hope this record brings you hours of listening enjoyment, and thank you for your decision to support an independent artist and record label. We can't do any of this without your support!


Behind The Album:



     Tentacles, the debut album from MAEZEND Music Lab, captures the eclectic and innovative spirit of Jude Capanna. Carefully curated from a list of over 200 songs spanning well over a decade, this record showcases MML at its best, and Capanna at his most vulnerable.


     The album kicks off with Crooked, a deeply introspective track that combines acoustic guitar with heavy drum beats and the haunting tones of a vintage lap steel guitar. Ink, with its rock-driven rhythms and reverb-laden leads, dives into themes of intertwined darkness, pulling listeners into its evocative soundscape.


     Mind Open shifts gears, tackling political divides with a mix of folk harmonica, acoustic guitar, and modern percussion, while Bird On Fire stands out with contributions from musician Gerry Marsh, whose added vocals and keys elevate the track into a rich, collaborative piece. Prowl fuses electronic and analog elements seamlessly, showcasing Capanna’s talent for improvisation on the Fender Jazzmaster.


     The album continues to surprise with tracks like Woke which pairs aggressive beats with dark synths to comment on contemporary social issues, and I Don't Like You Anymore, which fuses elements of classic R&B with a modern flair. Against The Current, inspired by a songwriting challenge, uses natural sounds to create a vivid, nighttime journey.


     Closing with Waste It, a heartfelt ode to Capanna's wife Stacey, the album explores the beauty of shared, unproductive moments. Each song on Tentacles is a testament to MAEZEND Music Lab's ability to blend diverse musical influences into a cohesive and compelling experience, and is a cornerstone of the 2024 output from the MorningStar Collective.