Situated along the Rancocas Creek in southern New Jersey, MAEZEND Music Lab is as much a place as it is an identity. The virtual band born from the creative vision of its founder and sole creator Jude Capanna, the goal of MML is simple; music without borders, boundaries, or constraints.


     MML traces its roots back to 2012, when Capanna found himself the inheritor of a ZOOM 8-Track Recorder from his late Uncle Mark, a gifted and accomplished music maker in his own right. Making a vow to himself to make the most of this, he set out on a journey of musical experimentation and self-expression. Blending elements of banjo, synthesizers, and hip-hop beats, MAEZEND Music Lab defies categorization, lending itself more as a vessel to share the stories and legacy of its creator.


     Lyrically, MML balances sincerity with sarcasm, exploring dark yet humorous themes that juxtapose heartfelt emotions and societal hypocrisy. Capanna's songwriting serves just as much social commentary as it does introspective storytelling. With a roughly 200-song output, MAEZEND Music Lab stands as a testament to its dedicated creative driver, and limitless possibilities. Despite an impressive back catalog of releases, MML is always creating and refining, and is currently assembling their long-awaited debut album, to be released in affiliation with MorningStar Records in 2024.