Doing Things A Little Differently

     Ah, record labels- those notorious and not-so-necessary-anymore evil entities standing in the way between artists and followers, locking unsuspecting music makers into one-sided deals that strip them of their rights, creativity, and independence. You've all heard the horror stories, and so have we. That's why MorningStar Records does things a little differently.


     Launched by Canadian indie/alternative artist Mike Haggith in May 2023, MorningStar Records is guided by one single founding principle which guides every decision from the business model to the artist roster; creating and maintaining a community for artists, by artists. So how, exactly, does this come to fruition?


     To put things plainly, it comes from passion and the pursuit of great works of art, rather than profit. MorningStar Records is an ultra-low overhead entity which operates as a partial co-operative, in which artists are affiliated rather than signed. Affiliated artists typically record their own music in their own creative spaces, bringing the final mixdowns to the label for sequencing and mastering. Once those tasks are completed and the subsequent album is ready for release, MorningStar Records makes CD and LP copies (format limitations permitting) available for purchase through its online webstore at no cost to the artist. Pressings are only manufactured when they're ordered from the webstore, at which time they're shipped directly from the factory to the customer, and the credited artist receives their portion of the sales revenue. A small percentage of sales revenue (20% per unit for CDs and LPs) goes to the label, which in turn helps to offset operating, overhead, and labor costs. In short, artists seeking a physical release, an artist page on a record label's website, and the ability to sell CDs and LPs at no cost to themselves are able to do all of this and more through MorningStar Records. Oh, and there are no strings attached, no messy legal proceedings, and no arguments over the retention or allocation of rights- those are 100% owned by the artist who created the music in the first place. After all, that's what we're all here for anyway.


     Artists affiliated with MorningStar Records receive artist bio pages on the main site, the ability to publish updates and press releases on the site's home page, and the physical listing of their albums on CD and/or LP (format limitations permitting), all for zero cost. This may be an odd way of conducting business, but if the model works and the music flows, everybody wins. If you're an artist interested in learning more about affiliating with MorningStar Records, or simply seeking more information on how the label provides on-demand CD and LP sales and production service on behalf of its artists, please read more here, then direct your inquiries to We look forward to hearing from you!