Jacob Quarrell


     Jacob Quarrell, known widely by his stage name JQ, is an indie singer-songwriter hailing from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. His journey in music began in this small city, where a unique blend of local culture and personal experiences fueled his artistic passion. In 2019, JQ made a striking entry with his debut record, Small Town Troubles. This album, co-produced by MorningStar Records' own Mike Haggith, is a collection of fourteen tracks that delve deep into his introspective and often contemplative lyrical prowess. The album has been celebrated for its authentic portrayal of small-town life and the complex emotions that come with it, offering listeners a rich tapestry of folk and indie sounds.


     JQ's musical career is marked by versatility and collaboration. Apart from his successful solo career, he is an active member of several bands, most notably Jupiter Marvelous, bringing his unique flair to the stage and studio alike. Additionally, he plays a significant role in Mike Haggith's solo backing band,  where his skills further shine, though he is currently on hiatus from the group. While fans eagerly anticipate another album, Small Town Troubles stands testament to JQ's unique and enduring ability to speak from experience, entertain, and encourage everyone to embrace the beauty of personal growth.

Albums Available On MorningStar Records

Album Title Album Code Release Date Formats Available
Jacob Quarrell - Small Town Troubles JQ-01 15 June 2019 CD