The Din


     A self-described Millennial band with a 90s sound, 80s fonts, 70s influence, and 60s imagery, The Din quickly rose to local fame with their high-energy concerts, unparalleled social media content, and upbeat original hits. The successor to the group Mike Haggith and The Din, this group built on the rising trajectory of its former group, and raised themselves to new heights with the hiring of Tammy Hill in September 2015. Making their public live debut on 28 November 2015, The Din was an instant hit with concert-goers, thanks in part to their beloved single In Search Of The Perfect Moment, which Haggith had penned a mere 72 hours prior to showtime. Throughout the 2016 calendar year, The Din enjoyed a skyrocketing surge in popularity, thanks largely to a rigorous concert schedule, two highly-placed Battle of the Bands finishes, and a handful of far-reaching videos on social media. Riding the wave of popular original songs including Alleyways And Apartments, Potato, "75", and the aforementioned In Search Of The Perfect Moment, The Din recorded their debut record Give In To The Din at Pretoria Hill Productions under the supervision of Daniel Schmidt. The record was subsequently released on 12 August 2016 to a paid audience of 335 at the Tech Theatre in downtown Sault Ste Marie. The concert was filmed by Shaw Spotlight, and became the pilot episode of OnStage, a show dedicated to showcasing assorted musical acts throughout the Sault region. The live audio was also recorded and locked in the vault, but was eventually released on 26 December 2021.


     Following the success of their debut album, the band hastily returned to their full concert schedule, performing at numerous community events, fundraisers, and festivals. By the middle of 2017, at the band's height of popularity, the trio had performed on almost every stage in town, and once in Toronto- with plans to return. However, predominantly due to a busy concert schedule and a myriad of new original songs, the band instead turned back to Pretoria Hill to record early takes for what would eventually become their second and final studio album. On 5 September 2017, The Din announced to the public that 21 October 2017 would mark their farewell concert, and the release of their final album, Suburban Dream. The concert, named the Suburban Sendoff, saw the band's favorite lounge packed to capacity for an electrifying performance which spanned 19 songs, including a triple-encore followed by an unplanned additional curtain call. On 16 February 2018, a live album titled The Suburban Sendoff was released by the group, spanning the entirety of their performance. The fifty hand-made CD copies of the group's final album sold out before the end of the show, and the performance was filmed by Shaw Spotlight, as a nod to their role in the Give In To The Din release concert. In May 2019, the full concert video was uploaded to the band's YouTube channel.

Albums Available On MorningStar Records

Album Title Album Code Release Date Formats Available
The Din - Technically Live DN-07 26 December 2021 CD
The Din - Give In To The Din (Deluxe Edition) DN-06 23 October 2021 CD