Midnight Bandit


     Midnight Bandit, the brainchild of Jared Doherty-Walsh, is an avant-garde trip-hop artist hailing from Victoria, BC. Despite possessing no prior music experience, he began his creative journey in 2012 and has since released over 500 songs, crafting lo-fi, hard-edged tracks with a dreamlike atmosphere.


     Predominantly using FL Studio, he completes each song in about an hour, drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres and artists like Pendulum, Mastodon, and Hieroglyphics. His sound is a unique blend of jazz, funk, soul, reggae and more, creating a rich, eclectic musical tapestry.


     Despite his sizeable creative output, Midnight Bandit’s mission goes beyond music. Overcoming countless personal and societal obstacles and challenges throughout his life, he aims to give back to charity through his art. Raised in Sooke, BC, Jared's vision includes promoting mental wellness and resilience with the help of his creative output. He is also working on a psychedelic space adventure book and audio drama, The Electric Noir. His name, inspired by the very Wu-Tang Name Generator that inspired Childish Gambino's stage name, is emblematic of his unique persona, featuring cybernetic musicians Bandit the Raccoon and Midnight the Bat, who traverse the solar system in search of bass and fans.