MAEZEND Music Lab Makes A Splash With Tentacles

Published on 9 July 2024 at 16:06

A long-awaited debut album will soon be unleashed from the heart of New Jersey. Read more below.

    MAEZEND Music Lab, led by Jude Capanna, is set to release its debut album, Tentacles, on July 20, 2024, in affiliation with MorningStar Records. This album marks a significant moment for Capanna and his unique project. Situated along the Rancocas Creek in southern New Jersey, MAEZEND Music Lab is a creative haven where Capanna's vision of boundary-free music thrives.


     Capanna's journey began in 2012 when he inherited a ZOOM 8-Track Recorder from his late Uncle Mark, a talented musician. Determined to honor his uncle's legacy, Capanna embarked on a path of musical exploration, blending banjo, synthesizers, and hip-hop beats to create a sound that defies categorization. With lyrics that balance sincerity and sarcasm, exploring dark yet humorous themes, MAEZEND Music Lab has built a back catalog of around 200 songs. Tentacles is the result of a careful curation of this back catalog, with some new material infused, for a truly remarkable debut album.


[01]  Crooked  [03:56]

[02]  Ink  [04:36]

[03]  Mind Open  [04:12]

[04]  Bird On Fire  [02:53]

[05]  Prowl  [02:04]

[06]  Woke  [03:01]

[07]  I Don't Like You Anymore  [05:32]

[08]  Against The Current  [04:21]

[09]  Waste It  [04:58]


     The album opens with Crooked, setting a contemplative tone with the lines, "Your mind has turned dark lately. You have lost your way." Initially crafted on a nylon string Yamaha 3/4 scale acoustic, the song evolved with a heavy drum beat, acoustic percussion, and improvised bass lines. The addition of a 1950s Supro Comet lap steel guitar and layers of MIDI synths and arpeggios enriches the introspective piece. Ink, written on Capanna’s D'Angelico electric guitar, continues the exploration of mutual darkness, featuring heavy rock drums, trap hats, and reverb-drenched leads. The lyrics delve into themes inspired by the album’s octopus motif, with a nod to MAEZEND Music Lab’s mascot, Murky.


     Mind Open responds to the political divide in the United States, emphasizing the importance of communication in bridging gaps. Blending folk elements like harmonica and acoustic guitar with programmed percussion, the song creates a powerful backdrop for its message of open-mindedness and dialogue. Bird On Fire stands out as a collaborative highlight, with online musician and producer Gerry Marsh contributing backing vocals, keys, and pads, transforming the song into a compelling work. Prowl showcases the fusion of electric and analog sounds that define MAEZEND Music Lab’s eclectic style. Featuring heavy electronic drums and bass, the track is punctuated by Capanna’s improvised lead work on a Fender Jazzmaster with a wah pedal.


     Reacting to the recent politicization of the term "woke," Woke combines aggressive beats with dark synths and digital droid sounds, featuring lead guitar by fellow MorningStar Records affiliated artist Tobias H. Reese. I Don't Like You Anymore, inspired by Amy Winehouse’s Stronger Than Me and Golden Smog’s version of Glad & Sorry, evolved from an ad-libbed solo into a unique piece expressing frustration and personal discontent. Against The Current, created for a songwriting prompt involving non-musical sounds, incorporates the sounds of paddling and water to evoke a nighttime journey, blending synths and natural sounds to create a haunting atmosphere. The album closes with Waste It, a love song dedicated to Capanna's wife, Stacey, exploring the dichotomy of unproductive time spent together. Alternating between "waste it" and "wasted," the lyrics offer a sincere yet humorous reflection on love and companionship.


     Tentacles captures the MAEZEND Music Lab at its peak, with Capanna’s ability to blend diverse musical elements and meaningful lyrics making this debut a release well worth the listen. As the album drops on July 20, 2024, pre-orders are available now on the MorningStar Records Webstore.


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