Vanity First


    Formed in Sault Ste. Marie in 2020, Vanity First is a skate punk band composed of Andrew Beggs on vocals and bass, Keegan McAllister on drums, and Mikhal Muto on guitar. Their sound is a nod to the raw, energetic style of early punk rock, inspired by the likes of the Dead Kennedys and early Green Day. The trio's chemistry and dedication to their craft have quickly earned them a spot in the local punk scene.


     Vanity First has made significant strides, releasing their first full-length album Identity Crisis in 2024 in affiliation with MorningStar Records. The album, produced by guitarist Mikhal Muto, showcases the band's commitment to authentic, in-house production, capturing the essence of their live energy and punk ethos. Their decision to handle production themselves has allowed for a sound that's both raw and meticulously crafted, embodying the band's message and attitude.


     Affiliated MorningStar Records, Vanity First is poised for broader recognition. Their work on Identity Crisis not only highlights their musical prowess but also marks an important step in their journey, cementing their place within the punk community. As they continue to grow and evolve, Vanity First remains true to the spirit of punk, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo through their music.

Albums Available On MorningStar Records

Album Title Album Code Release Date Formats Available
Vanity First - Identity Crisis VF-01 20 April 2024 CD / LP