Postcards From Siberia: Sanity Tells All

Published on 15 December 2023 at 16:15

A cold environment procures icy gifts. Just ask the New Jersey-based rapper. Read more below.

     Postcards From Siberia, the latest full-length record from New Jersey-based rapper Sanity, is a masterful blend of personal narrative and social commentary, setting a new standard in the realm of hip-hop storytelling. In this record, Sanity delves deep into his own experiences, using them as a springboard for a series of tracks that are as unique in their storytelling as they are rich in depth.


     Sanity's approach to this project was driven by a desire to ensure that each track stood distinct, each with its own story, effectively allowing listeners to identify and connect with individual messages and narratives. This approach is a testament to his belief in the importance of substance in rap lyrics, and a connection to a larger, centralized theme. His life experiences, both challenging and diverse, serve as a fertile ground for his creative expression, allowing him to craft songs that are not just musically engaging but also emotionally resonant. A central theme of the album is the metaphor of a 'cold' environment, a reflection of the social and cultural challenges the rapper has faced in places like New Jersey and upstate New York. These areas, occasionally described as lacking in warmth and friendliness, create a backdrop against which the struggles and triumphs of an artist are cast. This theme is accentuated through the incorporation of clips from documentaries about cold locations, symbolizing the hidden "icy gifts" that lie within such harsh environments.


     Sanity's recording process at Homefront Studios in Essex County, NJ, was an intricate journey of trial and error. The process of recording, re-recording, editing, mixing, and sometimes even replacing entire beats or verses, highlights his dedication to achieving a perfect sound, putting the theme of the project above all else. The studio, with its comfortable vibe and walls adorned with diverse music posters, played a crucial role in the creative process, reminiscent of the early days of the rapper's prior recording experiences in various improvised studios.


     In Bush Era Babiez, Sanity reflects on the generation that came of age during the Bush-Cheney era, a time marked by political and social upheaval. The song addresses the long-term impact of that era's events, drawing a stark contrast between the superficial glamor of today's rap scene and the deeper, more meaningful hip-hop of his generation. The song not only serves as a critique but also as a homage to Da Bush Babees, a 1990s hip hop trio known for their genuine approach to music and critique of inauthenticity in the industry. Really Really Hated is another standout track where Sanity explores various manifestations of hate. The song traverses different scenarios, from personal experiences of disrespect and shifting social dynamics to deeper issues of jealousy and the importance of forgiveness. Yet, it also acknowledges the deep-seated biases and dangers they pose. The final verse challenges the notion of envy towards success, emphasizing the sacrifices required for achievement and questioning the entitlement of those who covet success without commensurate effort.


     The record was independently released by Sanity on 10 March 2023, and will be re-released in affiliation with MorningStar Records. This re-release will feature a revised track listing, complete remaster, and the inclusion of bonus tracks featuring members of the Wu-Tang Clan with the sale of CD or LP units.


Track List:

01 - Tunnelvisionz / Really-Really Hated

02 - The Coldest Place On Earth / Diss Goes Out 2 U

03 - The World's Most Depressing City / Fucked Up Today

04 - Lithuanian Memorial / Salvation SoundZ ft. Gypsy

05 - Cowards Respect Pain

06 - The Beast Iz Strong

07 - Bush Era Babiez

08 - How Jersey Do / PS / The Last Postcard ft. Gypsy

09 - Really Really Hated (Rza Mix)


Bonus Tracks:

10 - Ovaltine

12 - Pandemic Prophecy ft. Kinetic 9

14 - The True Cost (Hard Shit)

16 - Postcards From Siberia ft. Ghostface Killah, Masta Killa and Method Man


     Postcards From Siberia is a compelling narrative journey through the landscapes of memory, society, and the soul of an artist. Through this album, Sanity not only showcases his remarkable ability as a storyteller but also cements his place as an artist committed to conveying meaningful messages in his music. This record is not just an artistic achievement; it is a testament to Sanity's vision and his unwavering dedication to the craft of hip-hop storytelling.


Hear the original independent release here, and stay tuned for the official MorningStar Records release, which will include all bonus tracks.