The Best Is Yet To Come For Tremblay

Published on 21 April 2024 at 12:25

Brian Tremblay's love for expression soars to new heights with upcoming record. Read more below.

    Brian Tremblay's upcoming album, The Neighbourhood: Songs & Stories of a Blue Collar Raising, marks an exciting chapter in the career of the seasoned singer-songwriter. For Tremblay, this project is a heartfelt dive into the art of personal expression- an endeavor that grew organically from his artistic exploration through photography.


     This collection of songs finds its roots in an exhibition of his photographic work- a deeply personal gallery titled The Neighbourhood, which debuted to public acclaim last January. The idea for the album emerged after a sold-out concert held during the exhibition, where Tremblay performed songs inspired by his childhood experiences on Morin Street in Steelton, a district of Sault Ste Marie. The overwhelming response to this performance fueled his decision to produce an album that captures the essence of his upbringing. "I was coming off a high from the performance when the idea came to me to produce an album of those songs," Tremblay explains. Thus, the concept for The Neighbourhood was born.


     At sixty-two, Tremblay crafts songs that resonate well with his generation yet carry universal appeal. The album serves as a musical voyage that evokes memories of family, friendship, and the simplicity of life’s everyday moments. The first single, Steel Ponies, celebrates the freedom and adventures of riding bicycles around the neighborhood, capturing the pure joy of youth. What distinguishes The Neighbourhood is not only its musical depth but also its visual integration, featuring a live show accompanied by projections of Tremblay's original photographs. These images, captured with a vintage twin-lens reflex camera and developed by Tremblay himself, add a rich, nostalgic layer to the experience. Reflecting on his three decades as a professional photographer, Tremblay notes, "Film photography is very much alive. Being that this is about nostalgia, I thought creating the images on the cameras we used to use back then would be perfect for the theme."


     The album is deeply personal, with several tracks dedicated to family members. Songs like A Hole Where You Used to Be, written in memory of his late sister, and He Wasn’t A Hero, a tribute to his father, are stark reflections on love and loss. The narrative arc of the album concludes with I Knew You’d Be All Right, an introspective piece about his son’s life and transition into fatherhood.


Track List:

01 - The Neighbourhood

02 - Long Lonely Street

03 - He Wasn't A Hero

04 - Why Momma, Why

05 - Just Like It Was Before

06 - 1976

07 - Road Hockey

08 - Drive In Movies

09 - Steel Ponies

10 - A Hole Where You Used To Be

11 - I Knew You'd Be All Right


Bonus Tracks:

12 - Bluebird Bakery Man

13 - Model Dairy Milkman


     Set for release on 16 May 2024 in affiliation with Morningstar Records, The Neighbourhood will be accessible through all major streaming platforms and available on CD. Brian Tremblay’s The Neighbourhood is not merely an album; it's an evocative blend of music and memory, inviting listeners to traverse the landscapes of their own pasts while celebrating the enduring spirit of blue-collar roots. Through this album, Tremblay not only shares his story but also cements his legacy as an artist capable of bridging distinct art forms to tell universal truths.


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