Mike Haggith Leads Pride Month Initiative

Published on 31 May 2024 at 16:02

An unsafe world is no world at all. Read more below.

     MorningStar Records' flagship artist Mike Haggith has launched a new initiative in support of the LGBTQIA community this Pride Month. Recognizing the increasing threats and challenges faced by LGBTQIA individuals worldwide, Mike has committed to donating 100% of all profits from his music sales on CD or LP via the MorningStar Records Webstore, and from downloads on Bandcamp, to Rainbow Railroad throughout the month of June.


     Rainbow Railroad is a remarkable organization dedicated to helping LGBTQIA people escape persecution and danger, providing critical assistance to those in need of safe haven. This initiative is a testament to Mike Haggith’s commitment to leverage his platform to advocate for justice and equality. This June, his music will not only entertain, but contribute to life-saving efforts for vulnerable individuals within the LGBTQIA community. By launching this initiative, Haggith aims to amplify the impact of Rainbow Railroad's efforts, ensuring that every sale directly supports those in desperate need of safety and security.


     Haggith's statement on his website reads, in part, "As many of you know, the world is facing a troubling rise in threats against the LGBTQ+ community. These have come in many forms; from discriminatory laws and policies, to acts of violence and hatred. It's a distressing time, and the need for solidarity and support has never been greater." As a label, MorningStar Records believes in the power of music to transform lives, and stands for supporting initiatives that promote equality and human rights. Fans and supporters who have not already purchased Haggith's music are encouraged to do so throughout the month of June, knowing that every dollar will go towards helping those who need it most.


     Together, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate world, where everyone is free to be themselves without fear. Join Mike Haggith and MorningStar Records in supporting Rainbow Railroad this Pride Month, and let’s make a difference together. For more information, see Haggith's full statement here.


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