Smoke And Mirrors: Tobias H. Reese At His Finest

Published on 12 May 2023 at 00:00

The debut Pop Rock LP from North Carolina solo artist Tobias H. Reese was released on 22 April 2022. Read more below.

Tobias H. Reese / Smoke And Mirrors: Belong To Strange
Released 22 April 2022 in affiliation with MorningStar Records


     Tobias H. Reese's Smoke and Mirrors is a retro-laden tour-de-force of infectious hooks, soaring melodies, and clever lyrics that stick in your head long after the album is over. From the opening track "1983" to the final notes of "Fire", Reese takes the listener on a thrilling musical journey that showcases his undeniable talent as a singer-songwriter and his ability to craft unforgettable pop rock anthems.


     The album's title, Smoke and Mirrors, is a fitting descriptor for the themes explored throughout the record. Reese delves into the idea of perception versus reality, and the ways in which we can deceive ourselves and others with illusions and half-truths. This is most evident on tracks like "Rabbit Holes", where Reese warns of the dangers of living in a world of illusions and administers a scathing indictment of those who manipulate others with their words.


     But Smoke and Mirrors isn't just an exercise in social commentary - it's also a collection of infectious pop rock tunes that are sure to get your toes tapping and your head bopping. From the upbeat "Why Can't I" to the immersive rhythm of "Can't Stop", Reese has a knack for crafting catchy hooks and melodies that will stay with you long after the album is over.


     The album leads off with the standout track "1983", a  nostalgia-laden ballad that showcases Reese's powerful lyrical penmanship and his ability to convey emotion through song. The relatively reserved arrangement allows Reese's voice to take center stage, and the lyrics paint a poignant picture of heartbreak and loss. A late guest appearance from session musician Dave Manley to provide a soaring keytar solo during the solid rocker "Burn It All Down" is a hidden gem on the album's Side 2.


     It should be noted that the album isn't just Smoke And Mirrors- in fact, the entire title is Smoke And Mirrors: Belong To Strange, as the material contained within was originally intended to span two separate albums. The record provides a healthy dose of strange indeed, with the late-album standout "Slinky Slide" taking center stage as a unique, fun, driving tune which never overstays its welcome despite a relatively lengthy runtime. Bookending the themes of nostalgia for past life and love, the soaring ballad "Fire" closes out the album in spectacular fashion.


     Overall, Tobias H. Reese's Smoke and Mirrors is a must-listen for fans of pop rock music. With its infectious hooks, clever lyrics, and ethereal vocals, this album is sure to make a lasting impression and establish Reese as a noteworthy artist with strong replay value. So turn up the volume, sing along to the catchy choruses, and let yourself get lost in the world of Smoke and Mirrors. This album is available on CD, LP, or as a digital download.


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