All The Best In All You Do: Haggith Reveals Upcoming Album

Published on 8 May 2023 at 12:00

Label founder and flagship artist announces upcoming solo album and the story that inspired it. Read more below.

Mike Haggith / All The Best In All You Do

Targeted Summer 2023 Release on MorningStar Records


     Indie/alternative artist Mike Haggith is no stranger to exploring the depths of human emotion in his music. The Barrie, Ontario-based musician has made a name for himself by crafting songs that touch on love, loss, and self-discovery. As he prepares to release his upcoming album, 'All The Best In All You Do,' Haggith invites listeners on a deeply introspective journey through personal hardships, ultimately concluding with a sense of fulfillment in his relationship with his wife. The thematic successor to his 2020 album, 'If Ever Comes The Day,' Haggith has spent three years perfecting this latest musical endeavor, which promises to be his most ambitious work yet. The ten-track album takes listeners through the five stages of grief in the face of a crumbling past relationship before transitioning to a more optimistic second half, which chronicles the healing power of love. 'All The Best In All You Do' is a sonic masterpiece, expertly weaving together various musical styles to create a cohesive narrative.


     The album starts in a darker place, gradually shifting towards an upbeat pop sound as it progresses. This intentional transition serves to underscore Haggith's journey from the depths of despair to the heights of self-acceptance and love. The album's first five tracks are sequenced to flow gaplessly, reflecting the emotional rollercoaster of grief. 'All You Do,' a dark ambient track bursting with angst, sets the stage for the introspective journey that follows. The catchy pop-punk standout 'Twist Of Fate,' released as the album's first official advance single last summer, keeps the momentum going, while 'Hot And Cold,' a retro-infused stadium rocker featuring blistering guitar solos from Hetriani, adds another layer of complexity to the narrative. The acoustic-driven 'If Only You Could Hear Me' offers a brief reprieve from the intensity of the preceding tracks, and 'Carousel,' a reliable pop-rock tune with clever guitar and synth layering, serves as a fitting end to the album's first half.


     As the album transitions to a more optimistic tone, 'I've Seen It Before' kicks off the second half with an infectious blend of rock and piano influences. 'Love Will Light The Way,' a poignant 90-second piano and vocal number, captures feelings of loneliness and hardship while hinting at the promise of a better future. 'The Start Of Something Real,' an infectious pop-rock tune with indie flair, features tight, fresh production and a surprisingly fitting flute solo. This track, a standout deserving of its own single release, is an absolute must-hear for any Haggith fan. 'To Be With You,' Haggith's most ambitious pop song to date, showcases a tight mix of synths, guitar, and a classic hip-hop-inspired beat. Soft-launched as a single on The Borderline Radio on Valentine's Day 2021, this track is primed for wider release as a surefire hit. Finally, the album's closing track, 'All The Best,' brilliantly encapsulates the themes and sounds of the entire album, painting a vivid picture of a bright and limitless future. 'All The Best In All You Do' is a testament to Haggith's continued growth as an artist. His ability to channel raw emotion and personal experience into powerful music is on full display, offering listeners an opportunity to connect with their own emotions and reflect on their life journey. The album will be available on all streaming platforms, as well as digital download, CD, and LP.


     Fans who purchase the album on CD, LP, or digital download through Haggith's Bandcamp page will also receive a collection of bonus songs via digital download. This bonus collection, titled 'All The Rest To Get You Through,' includes a handful of original tracks unavailable elsewhere, as well as a highly acclaimed cover of Bruce Springsteen's 1982 classic 'Atlantic City.' This exclusive offering is a must-have for any Mike Haggith listener, adding even more depth and value to the album. At 31 years old, Haggith has poured his heart and soul into 'All The Best In All You Do,' and the result is a breathtaking musical journey that showcases his undeniable talent. Through this album, he has expertly captured the essence of life's trials, tribulations, and triumphs, inviting listeners to join him on a deeply personal and introspective expedition.


     'All The Best In All You' Do is targeted for release this summer on MorningStar Records.